3:15 – 4:30 P.M. Thursday, July 20

Room: Catalina A1

Increase School Safety in Seconds

Proven strategies and technological advancements in school safety that have already saved student lives will be shared, including the latest mobile emergency 2-way mass communication system.

Master Of cer Vlad Anderson will present the latest safety and security practices including a live active shooter simulation utilizing the latest in technological advancements (iPhone, Android, text, e-mail, and web) to help reduce emergency response time by 50%+ and to secure your schools and keep students and staff safe during emergencies small or large.

Presenters – Master Of cer Vlad Anderson, Vic A. Merjanian, Esq., and Serene Nasser


Room: Catalina A2

Marijuana Education Initiative Curriculum – What’s Working in Colorado

This session builds on the previous MEI marijuana session and provides an in-depth presentation
of the solution two educators created out of a desire to assist youth in Colorado following the legalization of marijuana in 2014.

Two Colorado educators saw a need for a comprehensive marijuana education to parallel legalization and created the rst educational program of its kind to address legalized marijuana.

Topics include the importance of a reality-based, current marijuana education that addresses potency, edibles, medical marijuana, Social and Emotional Learning, as well as how educators need to be a resource for current marijuana information.

Presenters – Molly Lotz, Sarah Grippa and Phil Falcetti – CEO, National Council on Alcohol & Drug Dependency, Orange County


Room: Catalina A3

Community Policing to Create Safer Schools

Digital communication and social media are a permanent xture and in uence in our students’ world. This presentation will explore opportunities for partnerships between school resource of cers, law enforcement agents, and educators to teach students responsible use of social media and digital communication. Using case studies, the presenters will show how the schools activities program can be the vehicle used to not only present this important content to students, but also create a trust between the student body

and law enforcement to positively change the culture from reactive to proactive. The user- friendly presentation shows an effective approach in teaching responsible use of social media to students, parents and the community and includes a student produced “PSA” showing the power of “Pause Before you Post.”

Presenters – Mitch Brouillette – School Resource Of cer, Brentwood PD/Heritage High School and Jessica Banchieri


Room: Catalina C1

Understanding Root Causes to Gang Members & Integrating Restorative Practices and Interventions

This workshop will provide valuable insight for service providers to better understand root causes that contribute to gang membership. Participants will gain tools and strategies to implement Restorative Practices while working with students and families impacted by gangs, incarceration, and violence. Focus will center on healing, restoration, and use of the arts to build community and relationships in the classroom and institutions.

Presenters – Steven Kim, MSW – Co-Founder, Project Kinship and Mary Vu – LCSW, Co-Founder, Project Kinship


Room: Catalina C2

Safe Schools: Utilizing Youth Development Strategies to Address Racism, Gangs, Violence and Bullying

One of the many goals of the presentation is for participants to develop a strong understanding
of the impact group identity has on individual adolescent behavior, particularly with racism, gangs, violence, and bullying. It is essential to understand the importance of developing programs that foster relationships among youth and developing a sense of belonging for youth to a group. Our youth are simply growing up in a violent culture that invests itself in a code of silence. As educators, we must counter this and develop a culture of communication, where students feel connected to one another and responsible for the outcomes of their campus culture.

Presenter – John Vandenburgh – PLUS Program, Founder


Room: Catalina C3

Safeguarding Our Future Through Policing Partnerships

The Stockton Uni ed School District Police Department’s mission is to provide a safe educational environment for a community
of 44,000 students, faculty, and staff at more
than 60 schools. This session will highlight the Department’s successful collaborative efforts
in partnering with District administrators and teachers to cultivate a safe school climate. Members of the Department will discuss the effectiveness of student con ict mediation
and community outreach as alternatives to enforcement, as well as key crime prevention and public service educational programs, including the Stockton Public Safety Academy and Gang Resistance Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T.) Program.

Presenters – Anne Brewer – Interim Police Chief, Stockton Uni ed School District Police Department,
Sergeant Rob Young, Stockton Uni ed School District Police Department,

Corporal Roberto Marquez, Stockton Uni ed School District Police Department,
Of cer Ben Torres, Stockton Uni ed School District Police Department,

Of cer Emily Chen, Stockton Uni ed School District Police Department


Room: Avalon 2

Lessons Learned by Victor Valley (VVUHSD) from Campus Security

In this session, the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis of the VVUHSD will be provided in order to detail all the aspects that should be considered to increase the safety and security of school campuses nationwide. Also, those who attend this session will be given an opportunity to ask questions that pertain to their campuses or districts as safety and security concerns differ from community to community.

Presenters – Allan Poohar – Campus Security Of cer, Victor Valley Union High School District


Room: Avalon 3

Focus on Children Under Stress (FOCUS)

FOCUS supports children exposed to violence and trauma through improved communication and collaboration between rst responders (law enforcement, re ghters, emergency medical responders, and others), schools, and community resources.

Presenters – George Papadopoulos and Maribel Garcia – CDE