8:30 – 9:45 A.M. Friday, July 21


Room: Catalina A1

Popular Culture & the Noise It Makes

This session will help participants understand popular culture and how it is impacting our youth. Those who attend will be amazed at the messages being sent to our youth today, both implicitly and explicitly. Throughout the session you will hear Paul say, “It is not enough to know WHAT your kids are listening to ... you must know ABOUT
the things your kids are listening to.” This session will help you expand your knowledge of today’s popular culture and gain a better understanding of millennials and their unique language and way of thinking.

Presenter – Paul Lebaron


Room: Catalina A2

Creating a Safe Climate that Promotes Student Achievement

School safety is linked to what educators do on
a practical level every single day to create a safe, positive school environment where students can actively engage in learning. Sanger Uni ed School Districts followed its motto, “Dream Big, Work Hard, and Believe!” to put in place programs and procedures promoting safety and regular attendance to develop an atmosphere where student achievement prevails. Their innovative approach fosters an environment for learning while at the same time meeting LCAP requirements for determining school effectiveness and addressing measures for climate mandated by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Presenters – Dr. Dennis Wiechmann and Erica Peterson – Regional Account Manager, School Innovations & Achievement


Room: Catalina A3

School Safety – After the Bell

70% of students nationally are involved in co- curricular and extra-curricular activities that take place after the end of the school day dismissal bell has rung. This breakout session will focus
on “what to do” when emergency events take place after the school day has ended when seconds become life and death for those involved.

Participants will have received “Action Plans” speci cally designed for “after the bell” with simple, proven, step by step implementation. Does your school have an “after the bell” emergency action plan?

Presenters – Roger Blake and Brian Seymour – CIF


Room: Catalina C1

Safe Schools’ Planning and Hate, Bullying and Harassment

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors recently passed a motion instructing various County departments to ensure the safety of its people amidst recent reported hate crimes. LACOE has collaborated with its own Divisions of Curriculum and Instructional Services and Communications, and the Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission to provide a resource document that supports school districts in strengthening their Safe Schools Plans. The document focuses on the following areas: Data and Reports and Training on Hate Crimes and Incidents, Immigration Issues, Current Practices, Trainings and Resources including Civil Dialogue, Student Protests, and Teacher Lesson Plans, and Student and Parent Programs and Mental Health Strategies to address anxiety, harassment and bullying. This presentation will introduce participants to current data on the topics of Hate, Harassment and Bullying and provide a review of supportive LACOE and other resources.

Presenter – Victor Thompson – Director, Student Support Services


Room: Catalina C2

Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management for Schools

Attendees will learn how to conduct a risk assessment and how to create an Emergency Operations Plan. They will also learn every step
of crisis management: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. They will be better prepared to handle any crisis based on the All Hazard approach. Whether a natural disaster strikes or there is an active shooter on campus, school personnel will be instructed in the proper planning and execution of the Emergency Operations Plan. Mr. Hall, the presenter, has given this course over several years to all levels of school safety conferences ranging from state, local, and federal agencies.

Presenter – Eric Hall – Safety Director, Children’s Home of Cincinnati


Room: Catalina C3

Stop the Silent Epidemic of Pass Out Games

Pass-Out Activities (aka The Choking Game) is an equal-opportunity danger with no racial, cultural, religious or socio-economic boundaries, yet a majority of parents and many professionals are unaware of its existence.

The astounding surge of “how to play” videos on YouTube alone gives kids the impression that this activity is harmless fun without any information regarding the potential for injury or death. In 2015, University of Wisconsin researchers studied 419 videos which – among other attributes examined – were viewed an aggregated 22 million times. An earlier CDC study reported that “92.9% of parents ... were not aware of the choking game until the death of their child.” The CDC recommended that “Parents, educators, and health-care providers should learn about the choking game and be able to recognize ... warning signs.”

This workshop demonstrates the innovative prevention solution developed by Erik’s Cause to address this with students while also empowering them to say “no” using effective strategies. Attendees can expect to learn about: (1) the scope of the problem; (2) critical relevance for schools; (3) potential warning signs; (4) strategies to address this issue in their schools, and (5) strategies for parents discuss this with children.

Presenter – Judy Rogg – Director and Co-Founder, Erik’s Cause