JULY 17, 2019 – Luis Angel -The Power of Memory

From struggling in school because of his lack of being able to Focus and Remember, to Before becoming the 1st Memory Master Champion on FOX's Superhuman Show, Luis Angel Echeverria knows what it takes to show you how to improve your ability to memorize anything quickly!
Some of Luis Angel's Achievements include:
* Represented Team USA in the World Memory Championship
* Memorized a 120 digit number in 5 minutes with Perfect Recall
* Memorized a Deck of Cards in 1 min. with Perfect Recall
* Coached the AE Mind Memory Team to a 1st Place Medal in the Numbers event at the USA Memory Championship
* Author and Creator of the AE Mind: Better Memory Now Series
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JULY 18, 2019 – Kevin Briggs "Guardian of the Golden Gate"

Kevin Briggs entered the United States Army in 1981, where he spent three years serving across the U.S. and Europe. In 1987, he became a correctional officer and worked at Soledad and San Quentin State Prisons. In 1990, he graduated from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) academy and worked predominantly on the Golden Gate Bridge (GGB). This assignment proved to be very challenging, as the GGB produced an average of four to six suicidal subjects, multiple collisions, and dozens of other law enforcement ‘calls’ each month. In 1999, Kevin completed training at the CHP Motor School, and in 2008, was promoted to Sergeant. Having graduated from the FBI’s Crisis Negotiation Course, one of his duties was to train new CHP officers and GGB staff on crisis interventions / negotiations.

Sgt. Kevin Briggs retired from the CHP in November 2013 to promote Crisis Management, Leadership Skills, and Suicide Intervention/Prevention worldwide. He continues speaking and teaching at conferences and law enforcement events, as well as consulting and advising major corporations. Kevin Briggs’ personal story includes being a cancer survivor, overcoming heart issues, divorce, PTSD, and depression. He is also a survivor of suicide loss. His story and experiences have been featured in The New Yorker Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, NPR’s Bob Edwards Radio Show, The Steve Harvey Show, People Magazine, and a Yahoo documentary. Kevin also spoke at the 2014 Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) Conference, held in Vancouver, B.C. in March 2014.

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JULY 19, 2019 - Riverside County Managing Supervising Deputy District Attorney Gerry Lopez

A father of four and a 29-year veteran prosecutor, Riverside County Supervising District Attorney Lopez has seen it all. Using his vast experience in the juvenile justice system, his education in the field of sociology, his work with at-risk youth, and his personal experience growing up in a Los Angeles barrio, Mr. Lopez has created an inspirational presentation providing parents the tools they need to build positive and healthy relationships with their children while getting them ready for life. His Parent Power presentation has been recognized by a White House initiative, Harvard University, and the California State Association of Counties as an effective and innovative community improvement best practice.  Though this presentation focuses on parenting, past audience members have commented that this is a “must see” for all who work with at-risk youth.

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