JULY 17: WORKSHOPS – 8:30 A.M. – 11:30 A.M.

All pre-conference workshops are included in the registration price of the conference.

Transitioning from a Supervision to Security Model in a K-12 District

The Hemet Unified School District has undergone a significant safety transition from a supervision based model to a structured security concept.  This workshop will cover how they have utilized a three-prong (visible deterrent, access control and training) to transform the security and safety of their sites. Items of discussion will include: Security guards, cameras, lobby management, electronic access control, active shooter training and response, policies and procedures and drills.

Presenters:  Dr. Christi Barrett, Lyle Radford and Chris Wynn, Director of Security – Hemet Unified School District

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Adolescent Subcultures and Current Drug Trends

This pre-conference presentation discusses the many at-risk social groups and the most updated information on emerging drug trends found amongst the adolescent population. The presentation includes a “road show” with over 200 illegal items confiscated from juveniles on school grounds that are displayed for a “hands-on” experience.

Presenters: Deputy Michael Walters & Sergeant Alonzo Winston – Orange County Sheriff’s Department

Orange County Sheriff's Department

Preparing for the unimaginable: a comprehensive, hands-on exercise deconstructing the events before, during, and after a school shooting

A lot of emphases is placed on reacting to a school shooting incident. However, we don’t always hear about what happened before and after the incident. This interactive workshop de-constructs an actual school shooting, focusing on the preparation phase through the recovery phase. You will hear a first-person recounting of the incident as well as valuable lessons learned from this potentially tragic incident. Our panel of security experts will walk you through a tabletop process designed to help you prepare for the unimaginable at your District.

Panel: Brian Erdelyi, Dean Waddell, William Clayton, Guest speaker from the district


Strategies to build, measure and plan for a safe school climate and an increase in student engagement

This workshop will go beyond building capacity, as it will equip participants with practical tools to develop consistent safe school plans that assess, address and manage School Climate and Student Engagement.  Participants will learn proven Safe School strategies that align with the LCAP priorities that require schools to implement and measure activities that increase student engagement and build a positive school climate for all students. All Participants will receive 3 months of access to Direction Survey as a data gathering source to measure school climate and build a safe school environment.

Presenter: John Vandenburgh – Executive Director Protect Connect Educate Solutions


Panel of youth who have gone through the juvenile justice system, and are on the path of success

Chief Sentman will facilitate a session of young people who have gone through our system, weathered the storm, and are on a path of success in life.  This compelling session will allow us to hear from those who are succeeding, their thoughts, their feelings, and hopes for their future!  All of you sitting in the audience helped to get these young people where they are today.  Come and witness what we as educators and law enforcement officials do together to be a part of these positive outcomes!

Panel: Chief Steven Sentman – Orange County Probation Department  & Guests