10:00 – 11:15 A.M. Thursday, July 19

Room: Catalina A1

Drug Recognition and Trends

What are the signs and symptoms of commonly used drugs in our youth today? How can you tell if a student is under the influence of drugs and not just alcohol? What kind of behaviors will students display while under the influence? What types of drugs are being introduced to our youth?

  • Explain how to determine if someone is using drugs
  • How to approach someone that uses drugs
  • How social media plays a role in drug use
  • How parents can prevent being victims in their own house
  • Identify items that represent drug use
  • Discuss what current drugs are appealing to students

Presenters – Sergeant Alonzo Winston – Orange County Sheriff’s Office and – Deputy Michael Walters – Orange County Sheriff’s Department


Room: Catalina A2

A Shared Leadership Perspective on Building Safe and Successful Schools

“Efforts to strengthen school climate, academic achievement, and safety are not mutually exclusive.  In this presentation, a comprehensive shared leadership framework for developing safe and successful schools will be unveiled.  Highlights will include cultivating shared leadership practices and implementing ‘high-impact’ strategies throughout your school and district to achieve transformational change in your school climate.”

Presenters  Michael R. McCormick – Superintendent, Val Verde Unified School District and Jeff Jones – Principal, Tongue River, Wyoming


Room: Catalina A3

Cyber Safety and Social Media: Risks, Threats, and Solutions

This session will provide an in-depth look at how teens use social media apps and other social networking platforms.  This course will also explore the unique threats that exist online: Cyberbullying, impersonation, identity theft, sexting, sexual predators, human trafficking, digital reputation management, pornography, and other high-risk behaviors.

Participants will be shown the current and most popular social media applications teens are using today. He will discuss the current impact of cyberbullying in schools, current cyberbullying trends, and the risks associated with popular social media sites.

Participants will also be given effective tools and resources to properly supervise children online and learn methods and strategies they can use to guide parents and students towards safer online practices.

Presenter – Sergeant Clayton Cranford – Orange County Sheriff’s Department


Room: Catalina C1

Recovery After an Active Shooter: Becoming Whole Again

With mass shootings becoming more common schools are implementing protocols, security systems, hardware, software, etc. but not enough of us know how to handle the aftermath in the event that a shooting happens on our very own campus. Host of EM Weekly and emergency management expert, Todd DeVoe, presents: Recovery After an Active Shooter: Becoming Whole Again

Presenter – Todd De Voe – Host of EM Weekly


Room: Catalina C2

Improving Student Mental Health and Wellness Using Project Cal-Well's Three-Tier Approach

This workshop will discuss Project Cal-Well’s three-tier approach in addressing student mental health and wellness. Project Cal-Well is a five-year initiative led by the California Department of Education in partnership with ABC Unified, Garden Grove Unified, and San Diego County Office of Education. This workshop will describe Project Cal-Well’s three-tier approach to improve school climate, increase access to school-based mental health services, and build community partnerships. Funding options, replication tips, and lessons learned will be shared. We will also share evaluation findings and data collection tools on need assessment, progress and outcome monitoring.

Presenter – Hilva Chan – Education Program Consultant, California Department of Education, –  Sara Geierstanger and – Jeff Layland – School Psychologist, Garden Grove Unified School District


Room: Catalina C3

How to Upgrade Your School’s Door Locking Solution From 1861 -  With Today’s Wireless Technology

Learn how schools are making students and faculty safer for one third the cost of a traditional access control system.  This workshop will show you how schools are not only locking doors and gates, but also lockers, cabinets and iPad containers while capturing the audit trails for all. Learn how you can benefit from great dollar savings in brass key replacement, duplication, rekeying locks and labor to execute those actions.

Presenter – Kim Walsh – Salto Systems


Room: Avalon 2

Preventing Employee Sexual Misconduct in our Schools

The epidemic of sexual misconduct claims is staggeringly large. We will share pathways to mitigate damages. On a national level, 9.4% of students, over 3.5M will experience sexual abuse by an employee by the time they graduate high school. This student safety and risk management crisis is threatening JPA's insurability. The focus of this presentation is a comprehensive preventative system to address institutional denial; more in-depth background checks and sustained training for all types of employees; and strategic, consistent and rigorous response to allegations enabling the school culture to succeed with prevention. The presenters have over 90 years of combined experience dealing with the psychological, legal/risk management and human resources aspect of this very serious problem.

Presenters – Dr. Glenn Lipson – Forensic Psychologist, Making Right Choices MRC, – Daniel Shinoff – Attorney, ArtianoShinoff, and – Steve Sonnich – Human Resources Consultant, MRC


Room: Avalon 3

Community Policing to Create Safer Schools

Digital communication and social media are a permanent fixture and influence in our students' world.  This presentation will explore opportunities for partnerships between school resource officers, law enforcement agents and educators to teach students responsible use of social media and digital communication.  Using case studies, the presenters will show how the schools activities program can be the vehicle used to not only present this important content to students, but also create a trust between the student body and law enforcement to positively change the culture from reactive to proactive.  The user-friendly presentation shows an effective approach in teaching responsible use of social media to students, parents and the community and includes a student produced "PSA" showing the power of "Pause Before You Post".

Presenter – Mitch Brouillette – School Resource Officer, Brentwood PD/Heritage High School and Jessica Banchieri, Heritage High School, Activity Director


Room: Anacapa

Safe School Leadership: Questions for Your Practice

This session will challenge your role as “Leader” of safe school practice within your jurisdiction.  Dr. Cummins will pose twelve (12) critical questions to help you assess how you influence matters of safety and security in your organization.  If your goal is to ‘move the needle’ in the direction of sophistication and innovation in school safety then this message is for you.

Presenter – Dr. Arthur A. Cummins – Director of Student Services, Garden Grove Unified School District