2022 Workshop Samples

Room: Catalina A1

Digital & Social Media Conversations: The Impact of Poor Behaviors & The Consequences That Follow

What are your students’ profiles saying to the world about themselves on Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, and Twitter? And WHY is it a problem? In this session, we will expose, discuss and share the impact of poor social media activity AND we will share tips and tricks on how to help students create a mindful, positive, and appropriate social media profiles and behaviors. Join us for this interactive workshop.

Presenter: Julia Gabor – kid-grit


Room: Catalina A2

Involuntary Celibate or “Incel”

An ‘involuntary celibate’ (incel) is an individual who expresses frustration from perceived disadvantages in starting intimate relationships.  Incel extremists also perceive various societal interactions or expectations as the cause of their celibacy, building resentment and hostility that could result in violence.  While these individuals primarily communicate and discuss their celibacy through social media or Incel-specific online forums, some users have posted about in-person meetings between individuals.  OCIAC published intelligence reports to define the ideology of involuntary celibates and the associated indicators of the movement, becoming the first products of their kind for the state and local law enforcement, fusion centers, and the intelligence community.  These products have been used to support suspicious activity reports resulting in an improved understanding of how this ideology evolves, threatens, and acts.  This presentation will focus on these unique indicators and their connection to acts of violence around the world involving Incel extremism and impacts on our local communities.

Presenters: OCIAC Director Alberto Martinez & Sergeant Rachel Puckett – Orange County Sheriff’s Department


Room: Catalina A3

Be The Agent

Be The Agent is a motivational message about how to “represent yourself” by taking ownership, celebrating interests and understanding why character is vital to your “client”. This presentation focuses on identifying leadership qualities and maximizing what you can control…while inspiring others. It is not someone else’s job to do this for you. Your path to success begins with a roster of one: YOURSELF.

Presenter: Mark Leinweaver – Perfect Playcement


Room: Catalina C1

Tiered Mental Health & SEL Supports for All Students

This session will highlight how a district pivoted MTSS during the pandemic to ensure the success of all students with a focus on SEL, mental health, and parent & student engagement, leading to the State Model SARB and PBIS Awards for all sites.

Districts all around the world had to pivot as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This workshop will highlight the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) that have been adapted to the changing conditions of the pandemic to ensure the success of all students with a focus on social emotional learning (SEL), mental health, and parent & student engagement. Strong tiered levels of supports have been instrumental in ensuring the success of students, leading the district to earning the CA State Model SARB Award and PBIS Awards for all sites.

Presenter: Stacy Chang, Ed.D., Director of Parent & Student Engagement – Centralia Elementary School District


Room: Catalina C2

ABC Easy as 123: Strategies for Preventing & Responding to Challenging Behavior

Supporting students with behavior challenges is a growing concern for all schools. Classroom management problems can hinder student progress, affect student outcomes and impact school climate. Now more than ever, it is crucial for educators to understand the science behind behavior and learning. This session will focus on Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports in the Classroom and cover prevention and intervention strategies for managing challenging behaviors. Come learn about the basics of reinforcement, group contingencies, social emotional learning and maximizing your classroom structure. The critical importance of using effective procedures and function-based interventions, to successfully change behavior will be highlighted in this presentation. This session is recommended for anyone who wish to create a safe and welcoming environment for all learners and promote meaningful outcomes for students by utilizing evidenced-based strategies for behavior and learning.


Presenters: Kathryn McClendon, BCBA Coordinator II, PBIS & Natalie Sedano, Coordinator I, PBIS – LACOE


Room: Catalina C3

Updated Active Shooter: Recent Events and What you Need to Know Going Forward

Join the California Department of Education, Sacramento County Sheriff's Office, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation as they present tips and information from the subject matter experts on prevention and response techniques in the active shooter environment focusing on students and staff surviving the attack.

Presenters: Jake Wolf, Emergency Management Specialist – California Department of Education's Emergency Management Team & Dr. Tom Herman, Education Administrator – School Health and Safety Office, Sergeant Nate Grgich – Security Services Division Sacramento County Sheriff’s, and Special Agent Carson House – Federal Bureau of Investigation


Room: Avalon 2

"High Price - Marijuana & the Adolescent Brain"

The "High Price - Marijuana and The Adolescent Brain" takes evidence based, peer reviewed studies and explains it in such a way a high school student can understand it. The workshop examines the physical, mental, and emotional impact of youth use of marijuana on developing brains. The information covered with explain why there is a slowing down in reaction time from a person who uses THC or Marijuana. Why memory loss happens making school and studying more difficult. Why there is an increase in anger and a decrease in drive. This engaging and interactive workshop also explores the direct effect, of marijuana, after just a couple of uses. It will detail the causes of addiction, and why it is especially detrimental for youth.

Presenter: Ray Lozano, CEO/Founder – Prevent Plus 


Room: Avalon 3

Safe Schools: Next Generation Safety for the Next Generation

We have a passion for the safety of our schools and the future for our children. After the recent Michigan school shooting, it really hit hard. There were so many precautions that could have been take, just from a technology standpoint, that could have saved lives that day. After the Parkland shooting in 2018, there were many bills implemented across the states to make an effort to increase safety in schools. We want to help answer the questions of "How do we do this?" "Where do we start?" We know that these are new security measures having to be taken, which means learning is required to develop a plan. We want to bridge the gap and provide solutions to help schools be preventative and not have to come up with a plan after a tragedy.When technologies communicate and learn from each other, safety and performance improves across your entire school. Intelligence advances outwards, giving you eyes and ears where you’ve never had them before. Information flows where it’s needed — from cameras, to radios, to smart devices, to security operations centers — and what you need to know is made clear. People collaborate in more personalized and productive ways, using any network or device they want. Fairness and accuracy replace biases and blindspots. Resiliency increases and decisions improve.

Presenter: Kimberly Hillestad, Inside Account Executive & Grant Coordinator – Arkansas Public Safety Solutions