8:30 – 9:45 A.M. Friday, July 16

Room: Catalina A1

Character Matters

The Character Matters presentation is an intense educational workshop designed for student-athletes & parents on “Character” and its importance – namely social media dangers & consequences, volunteering and anti-bullying. I associate that message with so-called “recruiting” – teaching students how their Character is linked to any college athletic playing opportunities. The Character guidance I provide to student-athletes is the same given to my pro players and their families. This workshop provides major value in adolescent development. I offer this presentation to high schools as a side passion project from my 24/7 – 365 full-time job as MLB agent. Where I manage over 75 Major League players & prospects – including All-Stars - and deal with these topics every day.

Presenter: Mark Leinweaver, MLB Agent - Perfect Playcement


Room: Catalina A2 & A3

Gang Awareness 

The Gang Awareness workshop will present on topics related to the mission and responsibilities of enforcement, investigations and suppression of gang related crimes.  It will include an overview of gang culture, politics and requirements as they relate to juveniles and school aged youth.  Workshop will provide examples of indicators of gang-related activity and signs for identifying possible at-risk youth.  Deputies will discuss resources, partnerships and interventions utilized for protecting students from gang influence.

Presenters: Deputy Justin Jimenez & Deputy Brendan Pefley - Orange County Sheriff's Department


Room: Catalina CI

Human Trafficking & Red Flag Identifiers for School Settings

The Human Trafficking Awareness Training provides an in-depth understanding of current indicators that school systems may observe in industries known for human trafficking and prostitution related crimes. This presentation provides school staff members with insight on the world of sex trafficking, the recruitment process, and ways to identify – and possible prevent victims of human trafficking. The presentation will include actual cases that occurred in Orange County with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Human Trafficking-Vice Team, videos, and debriefs to aid in identifying red flag indicators of potential victims of prostitution.

Presenters: Investigator Justin Leong & Investigator Jackie Gray - Orange County Sheriff's Department


Room: Catalina C2 & C3

Reducing the Sting of Disasters

Disasters are increasing in frequency, severity, and complexity. The California Department of Education will introduce the new Emergency Services Team and provide an overview of helpful resources for all phases of emergency management, including preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation specific to schools. The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services will also present on the new Preparedness Ambassadors Program, a Disaster Preparedness Program for California students, educators, and school safety stakeholders.

Presenters: Juan Mireles, Director, Facilities Division, Jake Wolf, Emergency Management Specialist, Emergency Services Team, Joe Anderson, Team Lead, Emergency Services Team - California Department of Education & Nick Murray, Senior Emergency Services Coordinator, Emergency Functions Planning Unit - Governor’s Office of Emergency Services



Room: Avalon 2

Comprehensive School Safety Plans: A Template for What Is Required

For learning to take place, students must feel that they are in a safe, caring, positive and inclusive environment. Every public/charter school is required to have a Comprehensive School Safety Plan (CSSP) that includes all elements of school safety, including climate and physical environment, disaster planning, safe ingress and egress of pupils, parents, and school employees. This class will discuss the components of a CSSP including methods to improve school climate and physical environment.

Presenters: Tom Steele, Director of School Safety & Eric Rosoff, Chief Executive Officer - Campus Safety Group


Room: Avalon 3

Three Perspectives of Crisis: Students, Parents, and You

Dealing with loss affects every aspect of a child’s life. Often, families do not talk to each other about death thus making it difficult for childrento process the death. Participating in groups designed to address death provides a platform for children to express their thoughts and beliefs regarding death. It is necessary to address key components of grief in an age appropriate manner in an effort to facilitate the development of healthy coping skills. The facilitation of a grief group provides a safe environment for children to come together and gain the necessary tools to progress through the grieving process.

Presenter: Regina Siez, LCSW, PPS - Temecula Valley Unified School District