8:30 – 9:45 A.M. Friday, July 20

Room: Catalina A1

Are the Kids Alright?

Who fares the worst in California’s public schools? This session highlights and interprets data from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey and California Healthy Kids Survey.  What health-risk behaviors contribute to the leading causes of death and disability among youth and young adults? What do bullying, mental health, physical activity, nutrition, drug use, and protective factors at school have to do with safety and health of kids? How are LGBTQ youth affected by these factors? Come to this session and find out!

Participants will:

  • Identify the history, characteristics and purpose of the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) and the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS)
  • Navigate the results and findings of the YRBS and CHKS data sets
  • Identify how we use these results to move forward in creating safe school environments for all youth, including LGBTQ youth.

Presenters – Sharla Smith – HIV/STD Prevention Consultant, CDE and – Daniela Torres –  School Health Education Consultant, CDE


Room: Catalina A2

After-School Activities Safety and Security

The environment and threats surrounding co-curricular and extra-curricular events is constantly changing. This breakout session will focus on event management guidelines as recommended by the State CIF Federated Council. The guidelines include recommended roles for every participant in an event and are meant to be used in high schools as preparations begin each year for co-curricular activities. The guidelines, in whole or in part, are designed for adaptation into district or school policy regarding co-curricular events. The recommended policy is a means to improve school safety measures by all participants in extra-curricular high school events.

Presenters – Roger Blake – Executive Director, California Interscholastic Federation and Brian Seymour – Senior Director, California Interscholastic Federation


Room: Catalina A3

Education and Probation: A Collaborative Approach to Restorative Practice

Recent legislative changes and best practice initiatives have led the Orange County Department of Education and Probation Department to work collaboratively to develop positive behavior management and incorporate restorative practices in juvenile facilities and court schools.  Representatives of the Department of Education and Probation Department will discuss the reduction in the use of isolation and suspensions as disciplines for behavioral issues and the work to adopt restorative practices.  The result has been a positive change in the climate of our jointly operated facilities and schools.

Presenters – Chief Steve Sentman – Chief Probation Officer, Orange County Probation Department and Guests


Room: Catalina C1

Human Trafficking and Red Flag Identifiers for School Settings

Human Trafficking is an epidemic plaguing the youth of our schools.  This course will help give School Resource Officers and Educators a valuable understanding of what is defined as Human Trafficking, how to identify it, and how to help.

 Presenter – Investigator Jeff Jensen – Orange County Sheriff’s Office and – Deputy Christina Strunk – Orange County Sheriff’s Office


Room: Catalina C2

Three Perspectives of Crisis: Students, Parents, and You

Dealing with loss affects every aspect of a child’s life. Often, families do not talk to each other about death thus making it difficult for children to process the death. Participating in groups designed to address death provides a platform for children to express their thoughts and beliefs regarding death. It is necessary to address key components of grief in an age appropriate manner in an effort to facilitate the development of healthy coping skills. The facilitation of a grief group provides a safe environment for children to come together and gain the necessary tools to progress through the grieving process.

Presenter – Regina Siez – LCSW, PPS, Temecula Valley Unified School District


Room: Catalina C3

Gang Awareness

Topics of the class will be related to gang laws and enhancements, evolution of a gang member, graffiti, hand signs, and proper documentation.

Presenter – Deputy Jon Larson –  Deputy Gil Dorado and –  Sergeant Lang – Orange County Sheriff’s Department


Room: Avalon 2

Community Policing to Create Safer Schools

Digital communication and social media are a permanent fixture and influence in our students' world.  This presentation will explore opportunities for partnerships between school resource officers, law enforcement agents and educators to teach students responsible use of social media and digital communication.  Using case studies, the presenters will show how the schools activities program can be the vehicle used to not only present this important content to students, but also create a trust between the student body and law enforcement to positively change the culture from reactive to proactive.  The user-friendly presentation shows an effective approach in teaching responsible use of social media to students, parents and the community and includes a student produced "PSA" showing the power of "Pause Before You Post".

Presenter – Mitch Brouillette – School Resource Officer, Brentwood PD/Heritage High School and Jessica Banchieri Heritage High School Activity Director


Room: Avalon 3

Implementing Restorative Practices in Safe Schools: Voices from the Field

Restorative Practices keeps kids in school learning rather than removing them through suspension and expulsion. This workshop will provide an overview of Restorative Practices in schools. Participants will learn and demonstrate basic Restorative practices, such as affective statements, affective questions, and Restorative conversations. Participants will explore strategies for integrating Restorative practices within a multi-tiered system of positive behavior support at the universal, targeted, and intensive/individualized levels. Practitioners, including a teacher, counselor/psychologist and administrator, will share successful tips, strategies and outcomes for implementing Restorative Practices within a multi-tiered framework.

Presenter – Dori Barnett –  Coordinator, PBIS, Orange County Department of Education – Dr. Arthur Cummins –  Director Student Services, and GGUSD staff