8:30 – 9:45 A.M. Thursday, July 19

Room: Catalina A1

Beyond Defense: Proactively Combating Harassment on School Campuses

Despite numerous examples of sexual harassment in secondary schools and on college campuses, few are preparing students to navigate the complex and sometimes ambiguous realities of sexual relationships, affirmative consent and personal boundary setting. Join Bright Star Schools to learn about their Beyond Defense program and find out how they’ve integrated mixed gender classes on sexual assault and sexual harassment prevention. Walk away prepared to start the conversation with your staff and students.

Learning Elements: Learners will engage in a Socratic seminar style lesson based in text so that they are able to fully consider the nebulous nature of sexual boundaries. Lesson is framed to be very engaging for both adults and students alike.

Presenter – Melissa Kaplan – Deputy Superintendent of Education, Bright Star Schools and Dawn North


Room: Catalina A2

Best Practices in Parent-Student Reunification

We’ve all heard about reunifications gone wrong. Come hear about what DOES work with case study examples from real offsite parent-student reunification events. You’ll leave with both a sense of what to avoid as well as actionable insights to bring into your emergency management plans and procedures.

Presenters – Jim Vesterman – Chief Executive Officer, Raptor Technologies and – Tom Hippensteel – California K-12 Safety Solution Expert


Room: Catalina A3

Proactive Responsibility: The Commitment to Keeping our Students and Staff Safe

Only six months into the year, there have already been a record number of school shootings across America. In today's world, school districts are faced with new life-threatening risks and safety concerns.

Chicago Metropolitan area superintendents Dr. Ted Stec and Dr. Kevin J Nohelty provide strategies for school districts, giving cohesive solutions that can help save the lives of their students, faculty, and staff in the event of a life-threating situation.

Their presentation includes detailed information and insight on:

  • Today’s World – Detailed Facts that Demand Action to Protect Students and Staff
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs - Peace of Mind
  • The Difference Between Being Reactive and Proactive
  • The Need for Faster Notification and Response times from First Responders
  • Completing and Complementing Existing Security Measures
  • Finding the Resources and Budget
  • Changing Culture and Behaviors of the District
  • Best-Practice Solutions

Presenters – Dr. Ted Stec - Superintendent, Lombard School District 44 and – Dr. Kevin J. Nohelty - Superintendent, Dolton-Riverdale School District 148


Room: Catalina C1

Innovative ways to Engage and Inspire – Getting students involved in prevention activities

Ideal for school administrators, staff, teachers, counselors, and school resource officers, this workshop will provide participants with useful tools and strategies to help develop youth-led activities that are adapted for a school-based setting and stem from a substance use prevention framework. Presenters will demonstrate how these youth-oriented activities foster overall school connectedness by building stronger relationships between students, teachers, staff, and the community. Presentation topics include Reality Parties, Photovoice, Vaping, Marijuana Education, Underage Drinking, Prescription Drugs, and Tobacco Prevention. Participation will provide you with ideas and tools for engaging others and developing youth-led activities in your community.

Presenters: – Phillip Falcetti, MPH; – Victoria vanTwist, MPH – Alejandra Vaca, and – Alyssa Juguilon, – National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence-OC (NCADD-OC)



Room: Catalina C2

Gang Awareness

Topics of the class will be related to gang laws and enhancements, evolution of a gang member, graffiti, hand signs, and proper documentation.

Presenters – Deputy Jon Larson –  Deputy Gil Dorado and –  Sergeant Lang – Orange County Sheriff’s Department


Room: Catalina C3

Digital Threat Assessment: How Publicly Available Social Media Can Be Utilized and Assessed to Ensure Safe Schools

The vast majority of recent school violence attacks have had precursors leaked online in the form of social media posts. Knowing where, how, and when to look for this critical information is the current challenge this nation faces and it is one that we will thoroughly address. There are simple and free online tools and techniques that all those responsible for ensuring the safety in your schools need to be using on a regular basis.

Presenter – Theresa Campbell, -M.A. – President, Safer Schools Together


Room: Avalon 2

Keep Kids Safe from The Pass-Out Challenge Epidemic

Knowledge is Power! Rampant on social media, risky Pass-Out Activities (aka The Choking Game) threaten kids everywhere by giving an impression of harmless fun. Learn about its scope and how to empower students to say “no” with effective strategies using a simple, innovative program.

Presenter – Judy Rogg – Director, Erik's Cause


Room: Avalon 3

Is Perception Reality? Brain-Based Learning Strategies to Build Relationships to Reach, Teach and Protect

If perception is reality, sometimes, you may need to change the perception. But how do you do it? This session will offer brain-based learning strategies to help build effective relationships to promote positive school climate. Strategies will address the use of creativity, stress management, storytelling, learning styles, motivation, and humor. Researched-based, reality-driven strategies to help build your professional and personal relationships may help change your perceptions, and your reality.

Presenter: – Stephen R. Sroka, Ph.D., – President, Health Education Consultants, Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Medicine Case Western Reserve University


Room: Anacapa

After-School Safety and Security

The workshop will include event security and emergency management for after-school hours. We will address human-caused, technological and natural hazards that can happen after the school bell. The event security covers team building, conducting assessments, drafting action plans, exercising the plans and evaluate the entire program. Screening the gate to supervising a crowd, supervision and how to deescalate anger issues will be included in the workshop.

Presenter – Jay Hammes – President, Safe Sport Zone, LLC