Discussion from a roundtable of experts.

Panel members:

  1. Ben Kollmeyer, Principal/CHIEF Science Officer, MPH, CIH –Forensic Analytical Consulting Service
  2. William "Bill" Clayton, Director, MS-ESA, ARM-P, CSRM, CPD, TECC, POST Instructor – Keenan IMReady
  1. Louis A. Leone, Managing Shareholder – Leone & Alberts
  2. Gail Angus, Chief Operating Officer – Collaborative Learning Solutions
  3. (Moderator)Brian Erdelyi, Director, CSRM, CPD, TECC, POST Instructor – Keenan IMReady


SSC Ben Kollymer

Ben Kollmeyer

SSC William Clayton

Bill Clayton

SSC Gail Angus

Dr. Gail Angus

SSC Brian Erdyl

Brian Erdelyi


JULY 15, 2020 – Dr. Erroll Southers - Safe Communities Institute USC

Dr. Erroll Southers is a Professor of the Practice in National and Homeland Security, Director of the Safe Communities Institute (SCI), and Director of Homegrown Violent Extremism Studies in the Sol Price School of Public Policy at the University of Southern California.

He is a former FBI Special Agent, who has served in counterterrorism and public safety positions at every level of government. Dr. Southers was President Barack Obama’s first nominee for Transportation Security Administration Assistant Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s appointee as Deputy Director for Critical Infrastructure of the California Office of Homeland Security, where he led the identification, prioritization and protection of the state’s potential terror targets, the nation’s largest such dataset. He served as Assistant Chief of Homeland Security and Intelligence at the Los Angeles World Airports Police Department, police officer and gang investigator with the Santa Monica Police Department and enjoyed the distinction of being a member of FBI SWAT.

JULY 16, 2020 -Rachelle Touzard, Ph.D., LMFT, Director I, Division of Student Support Services – Los Angeles County Office of Education

In light of the COVID-19 school closures, the need to address mental health in schools is greater than ever. Educators frequently report they feel overwhelmed by the social-emotional needs of students. Furthermore, attending to the needs of students in a virtual setting can be challenging. Join us as we discuss how to mitigate the impact of social distancing and distance learning on the mental health needs of the school community. This session will discuss strategies and best practices within a virtual setting for school communities, including staff, caregivers, and students. Within this space, we intend for you to leave with actionable items to take back to your school community to have deeper conversations about how to create, implement, sustain or improve upon your comprehensive school based mental health system in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

SSC Keynote 2

Rachelle Touzard, Ph.D.

JULY 16, 2020 -Michael R. McCormick, Superintendent – Val Verde Unified School District and John Coppalo, CUE Chief Learning Officer


We’ve had several exciting days of sharing. Maslow before Blooms. Grow the culture. Yes! But does it matter if the bell curve stays in place? Superintendent Michael R. McCormick and CUE Chief Learning Officer Jon Corippo are going to wrap up Safe Schools with academic insights for those who would dare to lead meaningful change.


Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 9.42.27 AM

Michael R. McCormick, Superintendent

SSC Mike
SSC KEYnote presenter

John Coppalo,
CUE Chief Learning Officer