WEDNESDAY, JULY 12: Stephen R. Sroka, Ph.D., FASHA

School Safety: It’s all about Relationships! 

Trusted relationships may be the most important variable for effective school safety. The traditional challenges of building relationships are based on the 4 C’s: Communication, Collaboration, Cultural Competency and Caring.

This motivational keynote is filled with "tips from the trenches" to help keep you and your students, staff and community safe and healthy so they can learn more and live better. It is packed with cutting-edge information, practical strategies and heartfelt stories about leadership, equity, the Whole Child, mental health, kindness, the power of words, the trauma-informed brain, ACEs (adverse childhood experiences), SEL (social emotional learning}, stress management, wellness, and school and community climate and safety.

Dr. Stephen Sroka has spoken worldwide with The Power of One message, how one person can make a difference. Steve died while presenting a school in-service. A principal, two SROs and others saved his life and changed his message. He now talks about how you need The Power of Many, how it takes a team, to make a lasting difference.

Research-based and reality-driven, this session offers honesty, humor, and hope. It stresses the importance of Resiliency and the 4 P’s: Purpose, Passion, Pride and Persistence. It will warm your heart, stir your soul and ignite your brain. It has been said that it can even change your life professionally and personally. Let’s see if it can spark the fire and the WHY within you.

THURSDAY, JULY 13: Jeffrey R. Cugno, Special Agent & Primary BAU Coordinator – Federal Bureau of Investigation

The presentation will offer an overview of the following threats posed to educational environments: targeted school violence, illicit and pharmaceutical drug abuse, radicalization and violent extremism, and human trafficking.  To combat these issues, the discussion will focus upon strategies and resources that can be obtained through partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  These will be demonstrated in the form of identifying early warning behaviors, protective measures, and mitigation efforts.

Special Agent (SA) Cugno entered on duty with the FBI on May 7, 2000. He was assigned to
the FBI Los Angeles Field Office’s (FBILA) Cyber Crime Squad. SA Cugno was also a Team Leader
for the FBI’s Evidence Response Team (ERT). As an ERT Team Leader, SA Cugno led crime scene
investigators during the collection of evidence in a variety of investigations, including but not limited
to, bank robberies, kidnappings, homicides, Agent-involved shootings, and airplane disasters.

Since 2006, SA Cugno has maintained the position of the FBILA’s Primary Behavioral Analysis
Unit (BAU) Coordinator. In this role, SA Cugno assists with the investigation of repetitive and violent
crimes, counterterrorism, and threatening communications. In addition to his primary role as the BAU
Coordinator, SA Cugno also provides leadership and consultation in the following six specialized
areas concurrently: Threat Management Coordinator, Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team –
West Coast Team Leader, Threat Assessment ReGional Evaluation Team (TARGET) - Director,
Campus Liaison Agent, Adjunct Faculty Instructor, and Crisis Negotiator.

In 2022, SA Cugno was selected to be a member of the California Child Abduction Task Force
and the Los Angeles County’s Veteran Suicide Review Team (VSRT).
SA Cugno holds a Master of Science Degree in Justice, Law and Society.

FRIDAY, JULY 14: The Fentanyl Crisis

Join us to understand the dangers of illicit fentanyl, learn developmentally-appropriate prevention strategies, and obtain resources that can help protect the young people in your care.


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